BV SPAN is proud to present the Older Person Mental Health First Aid (OPMHFA) course now available to those interested throughout the Bega Valley and Sapphire Coast.

The course is designed for anyone who is involved in looking after older people, have elderly parents, interact with older persons in the community or just interested in helping anyone over the age of 65. (Yes, that is the defined beginning age for older persons!!) Subjects covered include depression, anxiety problems, confusion and dementia, psychosis and substance abuse problems. The aim is to give participants the skills to assist anyone who may be going through a crisis and to encourage them to seek appropriate help. It is not a course which will enable you to diagnose a person with mental health issues, but rather to offer mental health first aid (just like physical first aid does) when a person is going through a crisis.

If you are interested in attending a course, send an email directly to the course instructor Kath Miller at km039903@gmail.com, so that you can be informed when a course is being organised or contact SPAN. The course runs over 2 days (it is a 12 hour course) and participants can obtain an accreditation certificate for 3 years as a mental health first aider.

Kath Miller, OPMHFA Instructor

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