Read the Play

SPAN has introduced and continues to make possible interactive training sessions for various young sports people using a program called “Read the Play”. These sessions involve members of particular teams staying on after a practice session, having a barbecue meal, then participating in teams in the well-structured fun-filled program. Also involved behind the scenes is establishment of a team welfare officer in the sporting club who has links with local health services and is available for team members to be an added trusted adult with whom they can discus any issues or concerns that may arise throughout the year. Currently session 1 of the program is available for delivery with plans to train presenters for session 2. This program which has proven popular with both teenagers and parents, helps reduce stigma and teaches young people a lot about mental health issues and how to seek support for themselves or their mates should they need help. Sport organisers or coaches interested in possibly having a free program available to their team members are invited to contact SPAN.

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